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January 13, 2015

Skytanking Acquires Majority Share in Hydrant Refuelling System, Brussels

Skytanking Holding GmbH is pleased to announce that on December 23, 2014 it completed the purchase of an 84% shareholding in Hydrant Refuelling System NV (HRS), which has the concession to own and operate the jet-fuel storage and hydrant system at Brussels National Airport. The facility comprises eight tanks with a total capacity of 40,000 cbm and a hydrant system with 175 fuelling positions.

Skytanking’s operating company for Belgium, Skytanking NV, has been the manager of HRS since 1993 providing all operations, administration and engineering support for the company. Skytanking NV is also the largest into-plane company at Brussels airport. With this transaction, Skytanking extends its involvement to the ownership, along with its fellow shareholders, of the Brussels airport fuel facilities.

The acquisition of the majority share of HRS is the first time that Skytanking has acquired a jet-fuel storage and hydrant system at a capital city airport from a consortium of oil companies and airlines that previously owned this important part of the airport infrastructure. Skytanking sees this transaction as a model for further expansion of its network in Europe and other regions around the world.

Skytanking is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls AG, Germany, a leading independent petroleum company. Skytanking provides a full range of aviation fuelling services including building, owning and operating aviation fuel storage and hydrant facilities, and providing into-plane services to airlines, airports and oil companies. Skytanking handles 12 billion litres of aviation fuel per year, refuelling 1.1 million aircraft at 42 airports in 11 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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