ITP - Into-Plane Fuelling

Every thirty seconds of the day or night, somewhere in the world, we are fuelling an aircraft.

Skytanking is an expert in providing safe and efficient into-plane fuelling services at some of the largest and smallest airports around the world. The company owns a fleet of more than 500 fuelling vehicles. Fuelling is carried out either with a tank truck or via a hydrant system using a dispenser.

Skytanking’s into-plane service covers all types of aircraft fuelling activity:

  • Long-haul, short-haul and general aviation
  • Cargo and passenger airlines
  • Fuelling with static hydrant carts, hydrant dispensers or refueller trucks up to 85 m³ capacity

We provide into-plane services to oil companies that wish to outsource their in-house fuelling operations or that want to enter a new airport without the burden of setting up a new fuelling operation.

For airlines Skytanking gives you the opportunity to have a direct say in the price and quality of into-plane fuelling service for your aircraft.

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