The Advantages of Skytanking

Skytanking offers solutions tailored to your specific needs – on a global scale. Knowledge paired with experience makes Skytanking a strong partner for your aviation service requirements.


Skytanking does not sell jet-fuel and is focussed on providing safe, efficient and cost-effective aviation services to its customers.

Expertise & Operational Experience

Skytanking has been offering high quality aviation services for over 15 years, refuelling more than 2 million aircraft a year and operating more than 70 airport storage facilities.

Skytanking’s focus and size means it has built up a depth of expertise in all aspects of aviation services including into-plane and storage operations, and the contractual, financial and engineering aspects of aviation fuel storage & hydrant systems.

We can offer this expertise in many parts of the world supported by Skytanking’s own network or the wide geographic spread of our sister companies.

Financial Strength

Skytanking has the financial backing necessary to undertake any aviation service activity, including the investment in storage & hydrant systems at the largest airports in the world.


Skytanking is not a supplier of jet-fuel, so we will never be in competition with our oil company customers. Because we do not sell jet-fuel, Skytanking is one of the few companies offering truly independent aviation services. This independence allows our customers to concentrate on their core business and to leave aviation operations to an expert. Suppliers can continue to sell Jet A-1 to airlines without having to manage the day-to-day operational issues.

  • Concentrate management time and investment on the core business of a jet-fuel supplier: the fuel supply chain from refinery to wing-tip and customer relationship management including credit. 
  • Tailor on-airport sales to the supply chain and customer strengths and not be limited by the into-plane capacity of your own fuelling company.
  • Enter or even exit the market quickly without having to deal with setting up or closing down fuelling operations.  
  • Increase sales volume without having to invest in new staff, storage and into-plane vehicles.
  • Take advantage of lower storage or into-plane fees – not bound to a joint venture with a poor competitive position.
  • Turn the fixed cost obligations of a joint venture or in-house operation into a variable cost contract with an independent service provider.

HSSE & Quality Control Focus

Skytanking operates to the highest HSSE and fuel quality control standards.