Aviation fuel facilities are an essential part of an airport’s infrastructure, but airport companies often have little control over the provision, operation, cost and competitiveness of those facilities. 

Airport fuel facilities should be fit for purpose, cost effective and allow the airport to realize commercial benefits, such as a competitive fuel price for airlines and a revenue stream for the airport. 

Skytanking operates more than 90 airport aviation fuel facilities at airports worldwide, including the airport-owned storage and hydrant systems at Munich and Durban airport, Delhi, Brussels and Stuttgart fuel storage & hydrant systems. 

As an independent aviation service expert, Skytanking can give airports the control they require by acting as:

  • Investor
  • Operator
  • Expert adviser

on behalf of the airport company for all aspects related to aviation fuel infrastructure.

Skytanking does not sell jet-fuel. Separating the operation of jet-fuel infrastructure from supply is the best way to guarantee open access to all jet-fuel suppliers, and open access is an important way of maximizing competition on the price of jet-fuel at your airport.