Airlines want their aircraft to be fuelled on time, safely and at the lowest cost. Skytanking fuels more than 1.5 million aircraft per year in line with these aims.

In most cases, we are working for jet-fuel suppliers who have into-wing fuel contracts with airlines but Skytanking also works directly for airlines providing into-plane services at their main hubs.

Airlines can benefit from Skytanking’s position as a leading independent provider of aviation fuelling services in a number of areas:


  • Skytanking can provide direct into-plane services to an airline as the last part of its jet-fuel self-supply chain.

Expanded supply options

  • Using Skytanking to separate into-plane service from supply means that an airline’s fuel supply options are not limited by their jet-fuel supplier’s into-plane capacity.

Price and service

  • A direct contract with Skytanking allows airlines to get the price and service benefits they want without owning an into-plane company.


  • Airlines with an in-house fuelling service can turn a fixed cost into a competitive variable cost by outsourcing the activity to Skytanking. We are always ready to acquire airline shareholdings in storage or into-plane companies. 


  • Skytanking specializes in building, owning and/or operating fuel storage and hydrant systems with guaranteed open access and in line with IATA Guidance on Airport Fuel Storage Capacity