Oil Companies

Skytanking has been providing independent aviation services to oil companies, traders and other jet-fuel suppliers for more than 15 years, offering safe, efficient and high quality alternative to in-house services.

We understand an oil company’s need for assurance in safety, customer service and cost-efficiency. 

Not only is Skytanking a realistic alternative to managing on-airport storage and into-plane services in-house, we can also help jet-fuel suppliers achieve their commercial objectives in new and existing markets.

Where the jet-fuel supplier has aviation fuelling operations at an airport or airportsSkytanking can acquire shares in a joint-venture or buy stand-alone operations and allow you to carry on selling at those airports or simply to exit the market
Where a supplier wants to sell jet-fuel at an airport for the first timeSkytanking can take care of aviation fuelling services, allowing you to focus on core businesses of jet-fuel supply and customer relationship management.