Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE)

The well-being of our employees, the public and the environment are a top priority for Skytanking. We are aware of the special care required for handling aviation fuel at airports.

Skytanking’s HSSE policy sets out the guiding HSSE principles for our company. We put the HSSE policy into practice via an HSSE management system that is implemented at each Skytanking location in compliance with local regulations and our own corporate standards.

We are always working on ways to improve our HSSE performance in a complex operating environment. Regular audits and inspections by our headquarters HSSE team and knowledge sharing throughout our network allow us to do that.

Skytanking has designated local HSSE managers to supervise all HSSE-related topics and questions. A separate Team Sustainability within the Group Function HSSE has pooled all related activities and further developed them in close coordination with the operating units and the local HSSE managers.

Skytanking also operates airport tank terminals for storing jet fuel. In-house standards, which often far exceed the statutory requirements, are part of our HSSE management system.

Stop, Think, Act

One of our most important values is that: There is Always Time for Safety. It is a belief that we live by and that drives our decision making and subsequent behaviour. To assist us in ensuring we always have time for safety, we have implemented our Stop, Think and Act methodology.

To us, our Stop, Think and Act approach is embedded in our cultural DNA. We do so as individuals and we also do so for each other because we care about one another. We help each other to constantly stop to think about all possible outcomes before we act. In doing so, we combat potentially negative biases such as complacency, over confidence, taking shortcuts and subjective risk bias.

Our prominent STA logo is a powerful, ever-present prime in our journey towards continuous HSSE excellence.