South Africa | | Press Release

Skytanking Calulo Expands Aviation Services in South Africa

Skytanking Calulo is pleased to announce that as of today, Wednesday 1st February 2023, our wholly owned subsidiary STC Cape Town Proprietary Limited will take over operation of the Fixed Infrastructure (Storage and Hydrant) and ITP Operations at Cape Town International Airport (CPT) on behalf of the CTIAFS joint venture (JV).

We would particularly like to thank all the CTIAFS JV partners, the current operator, BP, and ACSA for their support to make the transition of operator a 100% success, with zero delays or operational impacts. Congratulations to all the Commercial, Transition and Operations Teams that have worked so diligently and professionally to make it happen safely and on time. We look forward to growing our presence further in South Africa, the Rainbow Nation.