Hamburg | | Press Release

Skytanking Withdraws from the United States and Increases its Network in Germany and Austria

Skytanking Holding GmbH announced today that it completed the sale of the assets and business of Skytanking USA, Inc. to Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG). In return, Skytanking takes over ASIG’s business at the airports Munich, Vienna, Linz and Klagenfurt.

Skytanking USA will continue to operate at 14 U.S. airports during a 90-day transition period as agreed with ASIG. After that, Skytanking will no longer have operations offering aviation fuelling services in the U.S.

As part of the transaction, Skytanking acquired the remaining 50% of Skytanking ASIG GmbH & Co. KG with operations at Munich and Vienna airports and becomes its sole shareholder, as well as 100% of the shares of ASIG Austria GmbH that provides refuelling services at the airports of Linz and Klagenfurt in Austria.

The sale of Skytanking’s U.S. business was a strategic decision taken after a careful review of the long-term prospects for the company in a market where airline customers and into-plane competitors have been consolidating strongly in the past few years.

Skytanking remains fully committed to expanding its business in other aviation fuelling markets around the world, to complement the 11 countries in which it currently offers aviation fuelling services.