Airport Stuttgart | | Press Release

Today, Skytanking unveiled a groundbreaking achievement at Stuttgart Airport: the world’s first fully electric 40,000-liter aviation refuelling truck at an airport!

This milestone vehicle is the result of a collaborative effort between Skytanking, Stuttgart Airport, and RWTH University of Aachen. Speakers at the event were Mr. Winfried Hermann, Minister Transport of Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Ulrich Heppe, CEO of Stuttgart Airport, and our Vice President for Northern Europe, Christoph Lindke.

Christoph Lindke expressed, "Today signifies an important stride in the ongoing electrification of our global vehicle fleet. This transition not only benefits the environment but also enhances the well-being of our employees by reducing exposure to exhaust emissions and noise. We take immense pride in our role within this pioneering project, with Skytanking leading the charge in employing cutting-edge technology.

Skytanking remains steadfast in its commitment to gradually electrify its fleet of up to 500 aircraft refueling vehicles worldwide. Undoubtedly, this endeavor presents a substantial challenge spanning many years. However, the inclusion of larger refueling trucks weighing over 50 tons, exemplified here at STR, underscores Skytanking's steadfast commitment to sustainability in aviation.