June 2006

Skytanking Awards Into-Plane Fuelling Contract at Dallas, Denver and Vienna

Dallas, USA
Southwest Airlines awarded Skytanking an into-plane fuelling contract at Dallas Love Field effective June 1, 2006. Dallas Love Field was one of Southwest’s most important operations with more than 120 daily flights and excellent growth potential. The fact that Skytanking had been chosen to perform their into-plane service, which had previously been performed by their employees, at their Headquarters location, underlined the confidence Southwest had in the company. This contract gave Skytanking the opportunity to continue to build the relationship with Southwest.

Denver, USA
Skytanking also signed a contract for refuelling aircraft at Denver International Airport. From 1 September 2006 Skytanking would fill approximately 140 daily flights for the company Frontier Airlines at this location.

Vienna, Austria
The company also secured a 3-year contract to perform into-plane fuelling operations at Austrian Airline’s home base airport at Vienna. The contract with Austrian Airlines and the official refuelling license, issued by the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Technology and Innovation, had been awarded to the Vienna subsidiary of Skytanking ASIG GmbH & Co. KG, which was a 50/50 joint venture between Skytanking Holding GmbH and ASIG. 

Besides Dallas, Denver and Vienna, Skytanking was represented in the USA at the international Airport of Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, and Philadelphia, and in Europe at the airports of Brussels, Munich, Zurich and Oostend (Belgium).