Hamburg/Stuttgart | | Press Release

Skytanking Opens New Fuel Facility at Stuttgart International Airport

Today marked the first full month of fuelling operations for the new Stuttgart International Airport storage facility, owned and operated by Skytanking Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Skytanking Holding GmbH.

The fuel storage facility, with a capacity of 4,500 cubic meters, was designed to the highest international standards for aviation fuel and was successfully constructed and commissioned within 15 months. It is currently used by various fuel suppliers on identical terms & conditions, and is open to any other company wishing to sell Jet A-1 at the airport, thus promoting competition among fuel suppliers.

Skytanking was awarded the 30-year concession by Stuttgart International Airport Company (FSG) in 2007 to design, finance, construct and operate the aviation fuel storage facility. FSG announced its decision to appoint Skytanking after a Europe-wide tender process and a rigorous appraisal of tender submissions from each bidder. Skytanking was also awarded its own into-plane fuelling licence issued by FSG.

The so-called ‘BOOT’-contract will run over 30 years and is the first of its kind to be used at a German airport for a fuel project. ‘BOOT’ stands for Build-Own-Operate-Transfer and is a commonly-used contractual structure for infrastructure projects that is also becoming popular with airports that need new fuel facilities. It allows the airport to outsource the financing, design, construction and operation of the facilities to an independent specialist in aviation fuelling. At the end of the 30-year contract, the facilities will be transferred to airport ownership.